Life as a Cadet Pilot Book

Life as a Cadet Pilot Book


Designed to give an in-depth insight into the life of a Cadet Pilot and the constituents involved in training, this book will draw you in, to one of the most amazing, fascinating, yet stressful journey's, one will experience. The journey encompassed, is based upon an Integrated ATPL route. Embedded within 'Life of a Cadet Pilot', you will be covered with all aspects of training, from the foundations and then building up from there, until all the training is complete. Structured in a methodical way to flow through the different stages of training, this book is a must read if you are thinking of pursuing your pilot career down an EASA Integrated ATPL route. 

  • Specifications:

    Language - English     

    Page Number - 138   

    File Format - PDF     

    File Size - 3.5MB


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