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Bristol Groundschool

Airline assessment and interview preparation

EASA ATPL Groundschool specialists

EASA ATPL exam support

With years of experience and an extensive knowledge of airline and cadet recruitment processes, Airline Prep offers highly specialise courses, to prepare you for the diverse range of airline assessments you will encounter. Continuously staying on top of the current recruitment processes at airlines, AirlinePrep evolves the quality of their training to deliver the very best services, to their clients.

Bristol Groundschool is Europe's leading provider of modular flexible distance learning courses (now delivered 100% ONLINE) for the EASA Airline Transport Pilot's License, for fixed wing and helicopters. Besides specialising in modular ATPL (A)/(H) ground school courses, Bristol Groundschool also have their very own well-recognised and established question bank, used by thousands of cadets globally.

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EASA ATPL exam support

Latest aviation job opportunities

atplGS is a well-renowned EASA ATPL (A) question bank boasting a huge variety of new and older questions, regularly updated in real time. atplGS is made by students, for students, and offers over 14,000 ATPL questions spanned between the 14 EASA subjects, as well as the last 200 questions, recently seen questions, and student feedback.

AviationJobs.Me showcases the latest jobs in the aviation industry, dedicated towards Pilots and Cabin Crew. Jobs are constantly updated around the clock, day and night.

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Aviation Action

Pilot Career Buddy

Pilot application and assessment support

Aviation mental health and well-being

Lead by a team of aviation industry colleagues, Aviation Action is a charity that identifies mental health and needs for aviators. Aviation Action's mission is to 'become a worldwide, world class aviation charity providing personal and professional help and support, to the people who really make aviation fly'. Services include: Support, Coaching, Training, Mentoring and lastly, Advice. 

Experienced in the pilot recruitment, Pilot Career Buddy offers personalised one to one coaching sessions on CV and Cover Letter, current and relevant career guidance, as well as interview group exercise skill development. With a mission to understand you and your skills, to ensure you stand out during the selection process, Pilot Career Buddy can identify weaknesses, and suggest targeted support.


The Final Approach

Aviation news and blogs

Launched in 2020, The Final Approach specialises in aviation news articles and blogs. The Final Approach offers a great way to keep up to date with the dynamic aviation industry, through weekly news articles and summaries, based on a range of topics. Created by airport and airline management students, together they provide a powerful insight delving into the industry further.

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