- A typical day in groundschool, as a cadet pilot

- Brief example of each subject and its content

- My experience through ATPL exams and groundschool

- Advice to succeed through groundschool and the exams


- What to expect in the flying stage

- Example of a typical day of a training flight - door to door

- DA42 NG and Piper Warrior experience

- Subjects taught in the flying stage (types of approaches etc.)

- Advice to succeed through the flying stage of your ATPL training

Other topics:

- Choosing the right route and flying school for you

- Flying school entry assessments: What's involved and what to expect

- How to cope with the capacity, and things you will come across when training (mentally and physically)

- Things to consider (cost of training, weather and operational delays, intensity of the training etc.)

- Summary of training as a Cadet Pilot


Here at PilotPals we love to share our stories to the flight-deck, as well as our passion for aviation. That's why we have opened up our new scheme focused towards universities and schools. 

About the scheme

There are probably many people out there who aren't sure about what is involved in the training, to become a Pilot. Therefore, here at PilotPals, we have broadened our scope to offer live presentations to school and university students, based on the life as a Cadet Pilot. Each presentation will be presented on the invitees grounds, and will include a thorough insight into what its like being a cadet, what's involved, and more informative topics embedded within. The presentation will be based off doing an ATPL route to the flightdeck.


£40 per presentation, including resources

Offer - Use the code PilotPals2020 to get 25% off. Offer valid until the 1st November 2020

Coverage area

PilotPals is based in London. We cover an area 2 hours drive from central London. We do not offer presentations outside the United Kingdom

If you want to book a presentation or know more information, then please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to help!

new service

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