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Established in 2020, here at PilotPals we like to make a positive difference to global aviators by inspiring, connecting and motivating them.


Every week we aim to have a speaker from across the aviation community, representing a different airline, training organisation, air navigation service or engineer/maintenance service, who will answer relevant questions and queries, that PilotPals's audience sent in. Speakers will be Recruiters, Pilots, Cabin Crew and Trainee Pilots. This is a great opportunity to bring global aviators closer together and support fellow aviators, through podcast content.


Besides specialising in aviation podcasts, we have recently launched 'Life as a Cadet Pilot scheme', to help people find their feet in aviation, as well as making the wider audience aware of what is involved when training to become a Pilot.

Services include:

Live informative presentations presented by our founder (George Everest), focused towards school and university students, wanting to go into a career in aviation.

A comprehensive journey of a training ATPL cadet, narrated through our very own, now published book!

about myself 

Hi there! My name is George Everest. I am the Founder of PilotPals, as well as an EASA ATPL licensed Pilot. Having Graduated in Spain from FTEJerez this year, I am waiting for the airline industry to pick up again, so I can continue on with my Pilot life. In the meantime, I started up PilotPals to connect global aviation professionals (Pilots, Recruiters, Cabin Crew and Trainee Pilots) with inspiring/current aviators, to enhance motivation and inspirations. Having always wanted to give back to the aviation community, now's the perfect time for me to follow that vision and share my vehement passion for aviation, with fellow aviators. With a can-do attitude and focus, we will branch out PilotPals, to offer more services; increasing our support network. 





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